Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Performance Appraisals lead to mediocrity!

Performance appraisals are a pain. They encourage people to do just what is required of them as it is easy to get the 3 out of 5, but as soon as you reckon that you have done more than the norm and really excelled:
a) the organisation doesn't have an exact definition for the level you are trying to motivate that you are operating at and then it all becomes subjective.
b) no one gets a 5, ever, only the people who really shoot the lights out and that doesn't happen and no we can't tell you what shooting the lights out mean.
c) as the ratee you need to fight for your score, present a body of evidence (I don't really know what that means - should you present a body of your damager's enemy?) and fight in front of a board for what you have been doing and they liked and "encourage" in their employees.

I end up thinking is this worth the effort? If put in the extra effort, work the extra time and take on the additional responsibility and they make me fight like this to be acknowledged formally for it then what the f***! Why bother and then in the next cycle am I going to go to the extra effort?

Or worse, you do really well and are (by a slim chance) recognised and acknowledged but you didn't submit your time sheets in time and we needed to score you down for that. Why bother and then in the next cycle am I going to go to the extra effort?

Hmm, I wonder what Nikon kit I can buy on a mediocre increase and bonus?

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