Monday, 01 September 2008

Coachman's Inn Recycles (the wrong way)

Saturday we had the family around for a farewell lunch for Claire's youngest brother how is off to Switzerland to study something about epigenetics and RNA and a whole lot of other words that I am sure he made up on the spot to tease us.

One of the cousins attempted to work at the Coachman's Inn, a well known and (was) a very good restaurant, as a waiter. He was telling us about the way the restaurant was run and how whilst it looks calm and well run it is indeed like a duck on stormy water (furious paddling below the surface). The waiters are not paid, but only get their tips (which I can agree with), but the establishment takes 15% of their total takings per night (I don't agree with). The way that the waiters are led borders on abusive and apparently the average time a new staff member can endure is about 1 1/2 months.

The restaurant also does not have a head chef and whilst I suppose this is not a hindrance, it does explain why the menu and the specials (come to think about it)have been the same each time I have been there in the last year and a half.

The above, whilst concerning is not at all what really annoys me, or as I like to put it, grates my chicken. The Coachmans is a relative up market place and definitely a place that you take your to be parents-in-law or a potential new significant other to impress them and the last thing you want is to be eating recycled vegetables. The kitchen staff will apparently just move vegetables that have not been eaten from a plate coming back from the floor to a new plate that is going out to the floor. YUCK! I don't want someone else's leftovers. The cousin was saying that any left over spinach or roast potatoes or other veg would be scooped into an outgoing plate. I am paying a substantial amount for my meal and I want my own new cooked veggies!

I will not be going back to Coachmans again, ever.


lez said...

Interesting info, however all your info of the place is 2nd hand infomation from a "cousin". Perhaps you should have included some of your own experiences, perhaps how was your own food on the night? Your cousins info may be correct, but 2nd hand knowledge is always embelished and exaggerated.

Jock Forrester said...

The cousin is a real cousin, not like a Durban cousin and he has got a lot of experience in 4 and 5 star restaurants locally and internationally so I do kinda trust what he is saying.
Why I really posted this was after the chat the cousin, it kind of made sense. We always got the same vegetable side dish, the same menu and even the specials are the same (give or take one or two seasonal changes, but every season they are back).
Personally, I really liked the food there, service was good (if not forced) but I can't support a place that doesn't treat its staff right and give its customers non-recycled food, the thought just doesn't work for me.