Wednesday, 03 September 2008

Paraolympics C*ck up

It is days like today that I really hate (am embarrassed) our country. The South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee (SASCOC) have really screwed up. Our Athletes have no kit to train in, no water and no support.

The short of it:
  • Administrators and SASCOC officials fly business class, athletes fly cattle - one or the other no one is more special, although I am pretty sure that the athletes take precedence (forgetting the disabled bit)?
  • The team has no kit - it is only been sent 2 days after the team left SA. The organisers say that the athletes can use their own kit for training, but if you are getting supplied kit why take your own, especially if you where told it would arrive on time.
  • The attitude - When asked for comment about the situation, SASCOC just said that Oscar "the blade runner" Pistorius should have been talking to the media because he signed a contract. What kind of a comment is that? What kind of an attitude is that?
SASCOC must support the athletes and listen to them and ensure that they get what they need to do us proud at the Olympics. I have deliberately said Olympics to cover both the Para and Standard(?) events as SASCOC is about politics and government interfering and providing a vehicle for people to inflate their egos, rack up frequent flyer miles and generally look after their new BMW M3 acquisition strategy as opposed to serving the people that got them employed in the first place.

Read the full article from The Star here.

This leads to another rant of mine: South Africans (less a few) do not know how to put a "customer" first. SA company's don't get it - well there are two that I have come across that get it right (outsurance and equinox). Generally we are all about my problems are your problems and your problems are your problems, but that is enough on this rant for now - otherwise I won't get any work done today.

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