Wednesday, 03 December 2008

Christmas Dinner for 20 @ R30 / head

Last weekend my wife and I had some people around in our new house for supper. We were talking yesterday about we are going to doing for Christmas Eve as we will be hosting it and the wife's family is on the large side. All in all we will be serving about 20 people a 3 course meal.

Doing a roast of any sort starts being expensive, at an average of a 150g of meat person you are looking at at least 3kg. Chances are the roast will bones in it so you are actually looking at 4 or 4.5kgs @ about R100/kg. Plus veg, starters and pudding and you are looking at about R1000 or R50 a head.

We will be doing a starter of roasted beetroot, rocket and feta cheese with a olive oil and balsamic dressing (R5 a head). Mains will be Black Pepper gnocchi with a goats cheese sauce (R15 a head) and pudding will be an Apple Tart Fine (R5 a head). The other R5 a head will be going to chips and dip.

The gnocchi is a version from Mr Locatelli that I have tweaked a bit until the wife declared it the best pasta ever! The Apple Tart Fine is from also tweaked from Mr Ramsay but I have not got it quite right yet, I need to work out how to make the pastry crisper. I may yet, budget depending, upgrade the pudding to Mr Ramsay's Chocolate Fondants. I made them a while ago and got them spot on first time off, not seeing the great difficulty yet.

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In making the tart, make your own puff pastry. Replace 25% of the cold water with white vinegar and roll the pastry at least through 7 folds. Karel