Tuesday, 09 December 2008

DLP and DRM Mergers

Following on from my comment on Dom's blog, the DLP and DRM mergers are interesting and likely to cause a shakeup in the market place. Gartner have released a commentary on the merger and raise a few interesting points about the RSA / MS integration, but do have a bigger impact the space in general.

In order for DLP to really work and provide a real return for the organisation, you need user buy in, and how do you get user buy in? You need to make what they are buying into as seamless as possible and asking for as little input from them as possible. 95 % of the time it should just happen, but it must be transparent (so there is no fear of big brother) and they must be able to take control.

Data classification is a must for this to work, as far as possible the organisation needs to know what data exists and then who accesses that data and for what purpose. If you know the who and what, all you need to do is configure accordingly. It has been the configure accordingly that was the problem, but just reading the Gartner report and the RSA Sales Bulletin if you can have a product that understands AD Group in terms of access to data and that understands the value of the data, you have closed a number of gaps that existed previously with just a DLP or DRM tool.

Users now have the ability to tighten the controls on the unstructured data that they are working on, but the organisation still has the default safety net behind the scenes. Data classification still becomes the key to the solution though as there is a lot that the organisation's sytems will need to know about data and the people using that data.

The Liquid Machines / McAfee works along much the same principles as above, it is also built on Microsoft's RMS, except that the RSA product will more than likely be more tightly integrated (and hopefully more seamless) into the organisations infrastructure.

Anyways, these are initial observations and I will hopefully be constructing some labs to POC all this and see how close it is to the big picture painted above.

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