Saturday, 17 January 2009

Gnocchi needs to made with heart

The wife and I went to Fratelli's in Blairgowrie on Thursday night for a bite to eat. I had the Pesto gnocchi and was not impressed. It was tough and fried (why, I have no idea - I didn't order potato fritters). The pesto wasn't bad though. Next time I'll have a Pesto Penne, or stick to the Pizza.

Gnocchi has to be made with heart, you need to take your time, feel the dough, shape each piece and cook it gently in boiling water and then dip in the sauce and then serve. As soon as you don't put some TLC into it, it'll go tough and very stodgy.

Places to have gnocchi in JHB are my house and Primi on Rivonia Boulevard.

Update: Col’Cacchio at Benmore is another place to have gnocchi.

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