Thursday, 12 February 2009

IT Web Security Summit Abstract Accepted

My abstract that I submitted to the 2009 IT Web Security Summit has been accepted. The title of the presentation and the abstract are below.

Title: "Policy, process and mandate for a successful eCrime / eDiscovery unit in large corporates."

Abstract: "Large corporate networks are filled with sources of infomration taht may be required to be successfully defend or promote the organisations position in legal dispute. eCrime can affect an organisation from an internal threat perspective to external attackers attempting to breach the permiter, is these cases the organisation needs to able to extract all the information availavle to it to successfully prosecute offenders. In the case of eDiscovery the organisation needs to locate information that is relevant to the issue at hand and not, as in the of eCrime, of finding as much as possible.
What are the policies and processes that need to be in place for an organisation to successfully be able to gather eCrime evidence and to process eDiscovery requests, pass it onto the relevant authorities in a legally sound manner and cost effectively?
Where should the unit be placed in the organisation, what are the benefits of having such a unit and what skills are required to successfully process the large amounts of incidents generated in a large corporate community?"

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Anonymous said...

HI Jock

Thats very interesting stuff you wrote, I dont know alot about phishing i have heard stuff about it, never understood it, its very scary stuff you seem to explain it the best I would like to read more about it keep posting I will keep checking.