Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Kiaat pod

Solitary Kiaat seed pod on the tree with a pine plantation in the background. Nikon D80, f8, 1/160 and -0.3ev.

Cycad Fronds

The cycad at home sprouted new fronds. Nikon D80, f7.1, 1/100 and 0ev.


This butterfly let me get closer and closer and closer to it until it took up most of the image. Nikon D80, f8, 1/400 and -0.3ev.

Sunday, 07 June 2009

Earthhour fish

I took these on earth hour day (28 March 2009) while the house was lit with candles. The fish's shadows on the wall provide a fascinating allure. Taken with a Nikon D80, tripod, F7.1, 6s, -1.0ev. 

The black and white conversion and the original colour, to me, are both great. I can't decide which I prefer more.